Getting Started Guide

A brief guide to getting started, covering installation and activation of the package on Salesforce.com and running up our Time & Expenses Seed application in the Platform Emulator. It also covers setting up you local development environment (CodeFlow) and running the same seed application up there, again against SFDC.

Enhancing our Time & Expenses Application

Following on from the app we saw in the Getting Started Guide we’ll now modify it by adding a new field to our mobile table, update our application code to use this and test our results. We’ll also use the Deploy to Salesforce button to push our code to the platform.

Accounts & Contacts Explorer

In this tutorial you create an “Accounts and Contact Explorer” mobile application using MobileCaddy. The application uses Salesforce as it’s backend and is fully offline capable. You will be able to list and search accounts and contacts and add new contacts to existing accounts.

The application will be hybrid mobile app powered by the awesomeness that is Ionic and AngularJS.