London’s Calling 2017 Preview: Using browser tools for Salesforce app development

Europe’s largest community-led event for Salesforce professionals has come around once again, with London’s Calling 2017 taking place Friday, 10 February in… you guessed it, London.


With yet another fantastic panel of speakers, experts, and MVPs presenting at the event as always, recognised Salesforce consultant Phil Walton has released his 2017 list of 25 people to meet at London’s Calling. This year, MobileCaddy’s own Senior Mobile Technical Architect Todd Halfpenny has been named on that list, as he’s set to give a presentation which will provide the audience with tips and tricks for making the most of a browser’s developer tools.

We’re very excited to have MobileCaddy in a speaker slot at the event for the second year running, and look forward to educating attendees on some of the development principles we use here everyday to create truly unique experience within our apps.

Presentation Preview: Browser Dev Tool Debugging Like a Unicorn-Ninja-Cat-Rockstar

The subject of choice for Todd’s presentation is the developer tooling available in browsers, specifically Chrome, though other browsers are available as well. The tools provided by browsers are incredibly powerful, and Todd will demonstrate some of the key functions he uses on a daily basis, during the development of both mobile and desktop Salesforce apps.

He’ll also cover some tips and tricks that will be of use, to any designer or developer working with Salesforce apps, whether they’re working with Lightning, Classic, or even third-party hosted integrations. Todd’s session will be taking place in the Ctrl room at 3:10pm on Friday, so make sure to catch it.

Want to Know More? Don’t be Afraid to Ask!

Todd’s looking to introduce some new and exciting concepts for developers in attendance, but the learning shouldn’t stop there. The MobileCaddy team is keen to speak to anyone working with apps on the Salesforce platform, and we’re always happy to share our experiences and insights to help members of the community overcome all sorts of challenges.

Todd, along with MobileCaddy CEO Justin Halfpenny, will be in attendance, and are both looking forward to connecting with as many people as possible to discuss emerging trends and other topics. If this sounds high on your priority list as well, please feel free to get in touch in advance.