Enhancing Time & Expense App

We’ll cover modifying our Time & Expenses application in this tutorial. We will add a new field to our mobile table, update our application code to use this and test our results. We’ll also use the Deploy to Salesforce button to push our code to the platform.

Estimated time: 30 minutes

What we’ll cover

  • Mobilising a new field to an existing mobile table
  • Checking that our field is mobilised in both the Platform Emulator and Codeflow Emulator.
  • Updating our application code (controllers and templates) to use the new field
  • Testing our changes using Codeflow.
  • Using the Deploy to Salesforce button to push our code to Salesforce.com
  • Updating our platform config to point to our new version.


This tutorial is based upon completion of the Getting Started tutorial.

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