OS and Device Policy

Desktop OSs/Devices

MobileCaddy current supports Windows 10 (64 bit) and ChromeOS and includes full support of MobileCaddy features and functions, e.g. full offline support, OTA updating, etc, (unless specified below).

Beta Versions

Beta versions for Linux (.deb) are available upon request, subject to conditions.

Known Limitations

  • None

Mobile OSs/Devices

Apart from where specifically mentioned below, applications built with MobileCaddy shall support OS and Versions in line with those supported by the Salesforce Mobile SDK project. As the Salesforce Mobile SDK project releases new versions, so the supported OSs and versions may change.

Note: When newer versions of OSs are released it may be necessary to release a newer version of device apps¹ to cater for these. In these scenarios the minimum version of supported OS may rise without prior warning. Mandatory updating of device apps (based upon Salesforce Mobile SDK upgrades) is not enforced, unless due to security reasons. Minimum supported versions may also rise if device apps are needed to re-built with newer versions of the Salesforce Mobile SDK.

Supported Versions Matrix

Salesforce Mobile SDKMin iOSMin iOS (tested from)Max iOS (tested up to)Min AndroidMin Android (tested from)Max Android (tested up to)

Note:  MobileCaddy continuously verify against 2 major releases behind the latest iOS release. The above table includes the earliest OS version that has been previously verified against, but this may not be covered in our continuous testing if it lies outside of the range.

Note: TLS 1.1 is minimum and default on all devices as of Salesforce Mobile SDK version 4.0.2

Cordova Plugins

This section contains information about known issues/conflicts with some of the Cordova plugins that are commonly used.

cordova-plugin-local-notificationsiOS 10.XKnown issues with plugin versions greater than 0.8.2, but 0.8.2 is not working with iOS 10.x

Note: This is intended as a guide, not a comprehensive list. MobileCaddy shall endeavour to ensure that all known plugins are working on existing client’s device apps. This is also subject to device manufactures guidelines (e.g. security), and underlying support from the individual plugins/packages.


  1. Device Apps are the binary applications that get installed onto users’ devices, and that can be submitted to iTunes and Play stores or installed through 3rd party MDM solutions.