Upgrading MobileCaddy Components after a package upgrade


When upgrading a MobileCaddy package it is possible that new MobileCaddy Components have been added to support new MobileCaddy features or new Salesforce features or metadata.

This means there is a potential second step after install where a process is run within the package to install these components.

Note: Once you have installed the MobileCaddy package if there are new MobileCaddy metadata mapping records required you will be notified at various process points when working with MobileCaddy (for example creating a new Mobile Application or adding new Mobile Tables or Fields). This is normal behaviour to protect the upgraded package


MobileCaddy is a metadata driven platform that has a series of objects and records that support the mobilisation of the Salesforce Objects and Fields as well as records that associate the MobileCaddy classes to versions of the Mobile Applications that are developed.

How to

These steps will be completed after the MobileCaddy package has been upgraded.

  1. The first step is to locate the latest MobileCaddy Components document. To do this navigate to the ‘Documents’ tab in Salesforce and select the ‘MobileCaddy – Data Population’ folder.
  2. Sort this folder by by the ‘Name’ column and then look for the documents that start with ‘MC_Comps_Data_XXX’. The document will are looking for here is the latest XXX version.
  3. Once this is located copy the name of the document (as you will need this value in the next steps – as an example ‘MC_Comps_Data_012’)
  4. Navigate to the ‘MobileCaddy Components’ tab. Note this is not a tab that is on MobileCaddy layout so you will need to navigate to all Tabs and locate it here.
  5. Select the ‘All’ list view and hit ‘Go’ to show the listview (this is just to show the List View buttons and any list view could be selected).
  6. Press the ‘Populate New Records’ button at the top of the list view. This will show an input box called ‘Input Document Name’ – in here paste the document name from the earlier steps (ie ‘MC_Comp_Data_XXX’).
  7. Hit the ‘Import Now’ button and this will load the new MobileCaddy Components in. You will be given a success message with the list of components added.
  8. The process is now complete.