Activating MobileCaddy after Sandbox Refresh – Partial Sandboxes

If your organisation has previously installed MobileCaddy into a partial sandbox and this sandbox if refreshed you will need to re-activate MobileCaddy. However prior to re-activating a few steps to prepare the environment are needed due to the fact that a partial sandbox refresh will not copy over required ‘Salesforce documents’ that normally get installed via the package installation (note this is does not apply to full copy sandboxes).

Warning – be sure to confirm this is a refresh of a PARTIAL sandbox that has MobileCaddy installed previously before performing any of the steps below. To do this you can check inside of the Documents tab and look for MobileCaddy Data population folder. This folder will be empty after a partial refresh.

Once you have followed these steps and then followed the normal activation steps you may want to complete one of the next steps listed at the end of this document.

This document covers the step that is required to get the partial sandbox ready to activate

  1. Import the lost MobileCaddy ‘Salesforce documents’ (these are required during the activation process)

Step – Adding back the MobileCaddy documents

  1. Go to the documents tab, search for the MobileCaddy Data Population folder, this folder will be empty of all files after the refresh of a partial sandbox.
  2. We need to add another MobileCaddy Data Population folder. This will be done for you by following the instructions below.
    1. Navigate to this package link here –  (This contains the documents)
    2. By Using the package link above (note you may need to tweak the URL if you sandbox has mydomain activated) and following the normal steps you will now have a new folder and all of the required documents.
  3. After this transfer / move the documents listed inside the newly installed folder that was created in the above step into to the original MobileCaddy Data population folder.
  4. Remove the now empty installed folder.
    IMPORTANT – DO NOT DELETE THE NAMESPACE FOLDER ‘MobileCaddy Data Population’ – if in doubt do not delete either Folder – consult with MobileCaddy Support.

Next Actions

Once the above steps have completed you can now navigate to the Startup tab and use your email address to activate the package (note you may need to request this org to be activated via

If you are building a new app in this org then you can start by creating a new app from one of our Starter (Seed/Shell) apps.

If you are continuing development on an existing application you will need to export the application from the Production Org (via the MobileCaddy export process), which will create an ‘Application Export Document’ and then move this via change set to this new partial sandbox, along with the Mobile Application components (ie Start Page and Cache Page VisualForce pages, App Bundle which is a static resource and potentially any MobileCaddy libraries that are have not been copied over into the Partial Sandbox). You can then follow the standard Mobile Application creation process which will add your existing app into this Partial Sandbox.