What are our Seed Apps?

The MobileCaddy seed applications are our demonstration applications that we are putting together to give example implementations of offline Salesforce mobile applications.

The seed apps are built on top of our Shell apps using a variety of JavaScript frameworks. As well as giving you a project structure and a set of proposed tools they also give coded realistic feature sets covering real life use cases such as a Time/Expense Tracking and Field Reporting, and of course the apps are FULLY OFFLINE capable.

MobileCaddy Salesforce app running on a tablet

These example implementations cover usage of the MobileCaddy APIs for standard CRUD operations as well as the Sync calls that can be used to pass data to and from the Salesforce platform. Of course if you can’t wait to see how easy it is then here’s an extract of a basic read operation.

Here’s a short video of our Ionic powered Time & Expense seed app.

As with our shell apps, if you prefer to use other tools or libraries than those that the Seed apps come with, such as swapping out Grunt for Gulp.

Download the MobileCaddy Seed Apps

If you’d like to see a seed application for a framework that isn’t listed here please let us know.

Getting Started with a Seed App

Each seed app comes with detailed instructions in the README, but you can also visit our Getting Started page for detailed instructions.