We have put together some recipes for common chunks of code and tasks.

Consuming Salesforce REST Services

In some scenarios it may be possible to enrich a users experience by providing extra functionality, or intelligence, into your application through the consumption of the REST services that are served from An example might be providing a recent chatter feed, or enabling an online SFDC contact search.

Adding Signature Capture

It’s a common scenario for mobile applications to want to be able to capture a signature and store this on SFDC. This recipe takes you through the steps of adding this to our Ionic powered demonstration Time and Expenses application.

Add a Google Map and Route

How to add an offline-aware Google map with routes and way-points to your Ionic or Angular application. This is a useful piece of functionality to have in applications that are used by sales teams and field engineers.

Add Cordova Printing capabilities

Tutorial on adding cordova printing functionality using cordova-plugin-printer in an Ionic application with the MobileCaddy platform.


If you’d like to contribute please post your ideas on our developer forum.