Device Apps (Codeshare)

If you’d like to create and manage your own device applications then we have a handy public repository available that can be used to quickly get Android or iOS (and other) application packages built.

The build setup uses the Ionic CLI and Cordova tooling and should allow you to (relatively) quickly be in state to run your applications on real devices. The README doc of the repository aims to detail the instructions needed to get this up and running.

When should I do this?

Building your own device apps is a sensible route to take if;

  • You want to use Cordova plugins a that are not provided by default in our pre-built device apps.
  • You would like further control over the branding of the app (colours, logos, naming etc) and startup procedures.
  • You would like to target a deployment environment that MobileCaddy doesn’t currently support

Please be aware that using this method does mean;

  • That you will need to submit your apps to the relevant marketplaces
  • You will be responsible for keeping up with OS versioning (and deprecation)

Support is available on our support forums for this topic.

This feature is currently in beta so please get in touch if you’d like to have access before it becomes more widely available.