Look at this feature list!

It's enough to make your eyes water when you realise we would have to develop all of this everytime we started a new app!

MobileCaddy Hub

  • Create a new application in a few clicks
  • Mobilise data - sObjects and fields
  • Configure Synchronisation type for each table
  • Robust Sync Engine
  • Logic based record conflict resolution
  • Full success and failure logging / Notification
  • Connection Session Monitoring
  • User and Device Management
  • Record Security (Sharing, CRUD and FLS)
  • Access Security
  • Platform Emulator
  • Analytics
  • Application Deployment (sandbox to production)
  • App deployment to users (testing and per user)
  • Dynamic Versioning (ie only parts of app at a time)

MobileCaddy CodeFlow

  • Command Line environment builder
  • CodeFlow Emulator
  • Local Persistent Data Storage
  • Single Deployment file creation
  • Code checking/linting
  • Units test framework
  • Platform Authentication

MobileCaddy SDK

  • APIs for data query, insert and update
  • APIs for data synchronisation
  • Supports multiple Salesforce integration APIs
  • Framework Agnostic
  • Pre Bundled

MobileCaddy Seed & Shell Apps

  • Once click install for MC Hub Configuration
  • Git(hub) repo for full application code
  • Developer Tools included
  • Generic App Features included
  • One click install for sample data
  • Shells apps for super quick bare bones start

MobileCaddy Device Applications

  • Pre Built Executables
  • Install from App MarketPlaces
  • Generic Branding
  • Custom Builds available
  • Android & iOS Apps (plus others on the roadmap)