Run the Platform Emulator

Test the Seed App in the Platform Emulator

You should now be presented with the following page. This covers your initial Android User/Device Provisioning record. This is the record that ties a user and a device to a version of an application and config.

On activation 2 User/Device Provisioning records are created, 1 for an Android device, and 1 for iOS.

The page has 3 buttons along the top, these are ways to launch our Platform Emulator. Click the Emulator (Portrait) button to open a new tab with our app running in, using a common portrait screen size.

Animated GIF showing MobileCaddy Seed App running in the Salesforce platform emulator.

NOTE: you may run into the situation where you see a Remoting Request invalid for your session popup. If you do you willl need to clear your browser cache. At the time of writing the latest version of Chrome has meant that some “clear cache” extensions are not working. For details on achieving this please take a look at this quick video.

The full list of mobile applications that you have in your environment can be seen via the Mobile Applications tab. Each application page contains a list of User/Device Provisioning records, and the emulators can be launched from those pages.