Activate the Package

Package Activation

To start using MobileCaddy the package first needs to be activated. Please note your activation is for use in a developers instance. If you would like to run in any other type of environment please raise a support ticket.

This process will also create the resources and data needed for our seed applications. These are demonstration apps to aid the getting started process.

Firstly select the MobileCaddy app from the top-right Salesforce menu. Note if you may need to refresh the page to have the new MobileCaddy app appear in the menu.

Choosing the MobileCaddy item from the Salesforce menu

On the Startup tab enter your valid email address. This will be the one supplied to MobileCaddy for use in the closed beta. On the following screen click Confirm.

The following 4 pages take you through the installation of the required MobileCaddy records. These include;

  • Component Records
  • System Data Version Records
  • Records for the Seed Applications.

NOTE: each page might take a few moments to process. Please do not REFRESH or click the BACK button.

Once these are installed your package should be fully installed and activated, which means you’re ready to start building!