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Preparing to code with MobileCaddy Codeflow

Preparing to code with MobileCaddy Codeflow is the next step after being introduced to it’s components. In this screencast I take you through using the Codeflow tools to set up a development environment, install one of the MobileCaddy seed apps and set it running in the Codeflow Emulator. This last step includes authentication against Salesforce and querying of […]

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MobileCaddy Platform Setup

So you have installed the MobileCaddy Salesforce application and you just want to get going.  You want to get any boring data setup out of the way and see a mobile application running.  Well fortunately we at MobileCaddy understand what a nightmare it can be data loading and configuring so we have some tools to make […]

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Introducing MobileCaddy Codeflow

At MobileCaddy we’re always trying to make things simpler and easier, with the aim that our time and energy can go into delivering value to our business and to our customers. This is what we want for our customers too, and so we have been working on MobileCaddy Codeflow.  MobileCaddy Codeflow is a set of tools and […]

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