Accounts and Contact Explorer

In this tutorial you create an “Accounts and Contact Explorer” mobile application using MobileCaddy. The application uses Salesforce as it’s backend and is fully offline capable. You will be able to list and search accounts and contacts and add new contacts to existing accounts.

The application will be hybrid mobile app powered by the awesomeness that is Ionic and AngularJS.

Estimated time: 1 hour 45 minutes

What we will cover

  • Configuring a new MobileCaddy Mobile Application on SFDC.
  • Mobilising existing objects for use with MobileCaddy.
  • Specify CRUD settings for our mobilised objects.
  • Preparing a project from a MobileCaddy Shell Application
  • Using the MobileCaddy API to sync tables, and read and insert records
  • Deploying the application to the Salesforce platform
  • Running our app in the Platform Emulator on SFDC
Animiated gif of our Salesforce contact exploerer


This tutorial assumes the following is available/has been completed

The Lazy Route

We have put together a git repo of the Ionic app built in this tutorial and it can be pulled down from here. Each relevant module in the tutorial will contact a code branch that can be checked out to obtain the code that was written in that module.

Spot an issue with the tutorial?

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Credit where credit is due

Big hugs and thanks to all the wonderful folk out there for building the great tools that we’ve used… and a special ‘hat tip’ to these folk;