Node v5.0.0 Support

Following last night’s announcement of the release of node v5.0.0 stable release we’ve been busy making sure that you can continue to build your mobile apps for Salesforce without interruption, even if you want to move on from the current LTS (long-term support) version of node (v4.2.1).

NodeJS Logo

New Applications

If you are creating new MobileCaddy projects using our MobileCaddy CLI and you’re running node then you should have no issues at all as our Seed and Shell applications have all be updated to have (backwards) support for node v5.0.0

Existing Applications

If you already have applications built out on your local environment and you’re updating your version of node (and not using nvm to have multiple versions of node available) then you should be able to continue developing your applications without issue.

If you find you need to remove your existing projects node_modules directory structure though and then do a fresh npm install using node v5.0.0 then you will find that you’ll need to modify a few pathnames in your applications www/index.html. This change is not large and essentially is needed to remove the nested node_modules paths. For example your index.html might include this;

You should change this to be as follows to make sure the files are still found.

If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.