Announcing protractor-ionic-locator


In a previous post we wrote about how end2end testing Ionic applications with protractor could throw-up some issues. One of these issues was the assumption that Protractor’s repeater locator could be used to identify items that were output by Ionic’s collection-repeat directive. As a follow-up we are pleased to announce protractor-ionic-locator, an open-source NPM package that can be used to find Ionic specific elements within your Protractor end2end tests.

The first drop covers the specific case of collection-repeat but the idea is to add more locators that would be useful to Ionic developers.

Imagine, for example, that we have code like this;

We can now use protractor-ionic-locator’s collRepeater locator to select the collection-repeat items in the same manner that we’d use Protractor’s repeater locator.

The package, as at the time of writing, also supports (a subset of, not .rows() etc yet) the default locator’s functionality so it should be able to also select ng-repeat lists too

The package is open source and can be found on github here and NPM here, so please feel free to fork and contribute.