MORE(s) Design – Mobile Apps for Business Critical Tasks

I’ve just posted up an overview of the design concept that is at the heart of MobileCaddy over on our main site which you can read here.

Paul (our CTO) and I have taken a journey through various salesforce technologies with a great majority of those being mobile.

We started with the Briefcase, did some bespoke work, moved on to Adobe Flash Builder for, did some bits with what is now called Salesforce Classic and then finally moved to the pre GA mobile SDK. This along with Salesforce’s commitment to their APIs finally allowed us to take the concept of Mobile First, Offline First, Robust, Efficient and Shared/Separated and create what we see today as MobileCaddy built around MORE(s) Design™

400 x 400 Phone Sketch

During this time we overcame some technical issues, but a lot of the time the misconceptions about mobile apps, what they could do and why they are (by definition) very different from their desktop counterparts caused the most problems.

I’d encourage you as developers to take a look at the post as I hope it will help you understand what you get when you build using the MobileCaddy suite and, more importantly, why you get it. Oh and the best bit of all, it all gets sorted for you!