An app in 45 minutes

Run the installation wizard on Salesforce

To get going on your journey to building a mobile, offline enabled application for Salesforce it's as simple as installing the MobileCaddy package from the AppExchange. Once this is complete, running the import wizard will setup the MobileCaddy components, System Data, and configuration. It's at this point you also specify permission sets.

Create app and test in the Platform Emulator

Applications can be created from the MobileCaddy seed applications, which also have sample data that can be imported. This process also creates the configuration that links a user and their device to a particular application. The Platform Emulator can be run to see the application in action.

Setup your dev env. and run in the CodeFlow Emulator

With just a few commands the CodeFlow environment can be installed. This gives you the tools and demo applications to be able to develop (in your favourite IDE) and to debug through the MobileCaddy CodeFlow Emulator whilst also using the Salesforce platform for data.

Customise Mobile Data and Test

Through point and click on the Salesforce platform you can now mobilise extra fields. This includes being able to set FLS settings and configuration to manage conflict resolution. These changes can be immediately tested in the Platform Emulator and the seed application's built in Mobile Table Inspector.

Update Application Code & Try debugging tools

Back in your preferred editor these new fields can be added to the application. Running the CodeFlow Emulator will show the new fields being fetched from Salesforce. The CodeFlow tools also mean that browser developer tools can be used to interrogate the data in the mock SmartStore.

Deploy onto your Android device

We don't need to push anything to the app store or go through any security checks, instead we just upload our prepared static resource to the Salesforce platform. Using the pre-published Android application you can now log in and instantly see your application in action. Why not go offline, add an entry or two and then reconnect... and watch the magic happen.