London Salesforce Admin Meetup – Oct Review

Well what a busy couple of weeks it’s been in terms of meetups. Partner that with a pretty chocker-block work schedule and I’ve ended up with a backlog of meetup reviews to write-up.

And so I come to the Salesforce Awesome Admin User Group… where do I start? Oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



The London AUG has turned two, and what a meetup it is, and what a great community it has built up around itself.

As for this particular meet, it was hosted by TES Global, and they did a sterling job with a full complement of refreshments and a buffet that could have fed a thousand. Amanda Beard-Neilson welcomed us all and set the agenda for the evening… swag was on offer for those willing to share their Salesforce stories. The audience participation at the Admin meets is something I struggle with, coming from the relative safe-haven of the DUGs.

The structure of the evening was refreshing and led to some wonderful anecdotes that had strong leanings towards how folk initially got into Salesforce. As well as a repeating theme of “Salesforce transformed my work life, for the better” it was wonderful to see that “community” was high on the mentions-list too.

Along with the great stories, came wonderful opportunities to catch-up with old friends and make new acquaintances… so as odd as this write-up is, I hope you take away the notion that these community groups and meetups are good fun and well worth attending (they’re actually also educational, on the odd occasion).

And on that note, huge thanks to TES for hosting and to all the organisers for fuelling such a vibrant and supportive community.